Advisory Committee


Templeton Advisory Committee will hold a Pre-Town Meeting on Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 6:00 P.M. in the conference room in Town Hall, 160 Patriots Road, E. Templeton, MA 01438 to discuss the warrant article for the January 15, 2020, Special Town Meeting.

Templeton Advisory Committee

Tony DeJoy, Chairman


The Advisory Committee will be fiscally responsible to the residents and businesses of the Town of Templeton so that the town has the financial resources to achieve its stated goals while minimizing taxes and fees on its residents and businesses. 


The mission of the Advisory Committee is to effectively and efficiently safeguard and account for the Town's resources, to provide financial-based services that offer all Town departments the ability to deliver their programs and offer financial support to these departments and residents of the community. Also, to provide financial leadership and guidance to the town departments and residents of the community and to ensure Town departments deliver exceptional services while optimizing financial resources.

Advisory Committee Recommendations and Misc Links


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Board Members

Name Title
Tony DeJoy Chairman
Lee Guthrie Vice Chairman
Debra Wilder Clerk
Amy Guthrie Member
Wilfred Spring Member
Faith Curcio Member
Robert May Member