Board of Assessors


FY2021 Exemption applications were mailed out to residents who received the exemption last year.  If you are new, please call the office to have us drop one in the mail to you. Applications can be returned to us by mail, email ( or by dropping them in the Drop Box at the entrance to town hall.  Remember to send all documentation with the application or they will be returned back to you.  Any questions, please do not hesitate to call the office 978-894-2760.  If you have not filed and have received your 3rd & 4th quarter tax bill, completed application deadline is March 31, 2021.

Abatement Filing for Fiscal Year 2021  is after the issuance of the 3rd Quarter tax bill.  The filing deadline is February 1, 2021.

If you are looking to file a Motor Vehicle Abatement, you are required to provide us documentation of what was done with the vehicle and documentation of what was done with your plates.  Along with a motor vehicle abatement application.  This can be downloaded by the available form provided on this webpage.  Please use the Town Hall Drop Box, mail or email to return your paperwork back to us.

If you are looking for property record cards with complete details, please contact the office and we can send them out to you.  Our online mapping site doesn't show a complete record card with pictures or sketches.

Helpful Documents from the Assessor's Office

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Current and Prior Year Tax Rates 

FY2021 Tax Rate - $16.11 per $1000

FY2020 Tax Rate - $16.83 per $1000

FY2019 Tax Rate - $17.24 per $1000

FY2018 Tax Rate - $16.72 per $1000

FY2017 Tax Rate - $16.12 per $1000

FY2016 Tax Rate -  $16.47 per $1000

FY2015 Tax Rate  - $16.64 per $1000

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Luanne E Royer, MAA Deputy Assessor (978) 894-2760
Susan O'Coin Administrative Assistant

Board Members

Name Title
Bradley Lehtonen Chairman
John Brooks Clerk
Fred Henshaw Member