Duties of the Assessors

The Board of Assessor members are elected to a three-year term. The primary responsibility of the Board of Assessors is to accurately and fairly assess all property in the Town of Templeton at full and  fair cash value. The town reviews sales and the market every year and thereby reassesses values each year. The town is mandated by the Department of Revenue for Recertification (every 5 years) and Cyclical Inspections (every 9 years) with the Division of Local Services.

The Assessors do not raise or lower taxes. Taxes are assessed in an amount sufficient to cover the State and Local appropriations chargeable to the Town. These taxes assessed will include State assessments which have been duly certified to the Board and local appropriations voted at the Town Meeting for schools, town departments, roads, fire, law enforcement, etc.   

The tax rate is simply the rate that will provide the funds to pay for these services.

In addition, the Office administers the processing of Motor Vehicle Excise tax bills generated from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. We review Senior Exemption Applications (70 yrs or older), Veteran Exemptions, Chapter Land and the Senior Work-off Program. We commit Sewer Betterments, Title V Loans, Water, Sewer, Electric and Trash Liens and Community Preservation Tax to the Tax Bills. Real Estate and Personal Property Abatements Applications are processed in our office. All Deed changes, sales of properties are recorded in our records. The Assessors Office is the prime source of information regarding title and valuation of all Real and Personal Property accounts for the Town. We are committed to providing timely, accurate and courteous service to all the Citizens of Templeton.