Emergency Management

...A jurisdiction must assign or recruit staff for emergency management duties and designate or procure facilities, equipment and other resources for carrying out assigned duties. This investment in emergency management requires upkeep. The staff must receive training and the facilities and equipment must be maintained in working order. To ensure that the jurisdiction’s investment in emergency management personnel and resources can be relied upon when needed, there must be a program of tests, drills and exercises. Consideration must be also given to reducing or eliminating the vulnerability of the jurisdiction’s emergency organizations and resources to the hazards that threaten the jurisdiction.

Accordingly, preparedness measures should not be improvised or handled on an ad hoc basis. A key element of preparedness is the development of plans that link the many aspects of a jurisdiction’s commitment to emergency management.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Richard Curtis Emergency Management Director (EMD)
Michael Dickson Deputy Emergency Management Director (DEMD)
Scott Demar Assistant DEMD, Emergency Communications Officer