Economic Development Industrial Corporation


In accordance with MGL Ch. 121C, Section 2, Legislative Declarations, the Town of Templeton hereby creates the EDIC for the:

  • Development and redevelopment of appropriate areas shall be accomplished in accordance with Templeton’s Master Plan and Economic Development Plan for this community
  • Retention of existing industries, attraction of new industries and promotion of the sound economic growth of this municipality and region
  • Reduction in persistent unemployment and underemployment which causes hardship to many individuals and families and wastes vital human resources
  • Elimination of the impediments limiting the economic and physical development of this community and adversely affecting the welfare and prosperity of the people
  • Encouragement of the manufacturing and industrial sector of the economy as it provides one of the best immediate opportunities for better jobs at higher wages for inhabitants of the municipality. New industrial and manufacturing sites are required to attract and house new industries and to retain existing industries in need of expansion space
  • Provision of aid to fellow local officials and the private sector with the facilitation of appropriate, eligible, zoned manufacturing and industrial uses to revitalize the community and region’s industrial job base. This community is at a competitive disadvantage with other areas in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the process of assembling and developing industrial land resources.

All other contents of MGL Ch. 121C, Section 2, Legislative Declarations are also incorporated by reference.

Mission Statement

Creating and retaining jobs and increasing property tax revenue in Templeton

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Board Members