Merit Awards for Employees-FY'19


The Town of Templeton has announced that it is accepting nominations from its staff, its many volunteer and elected board and committee members, and the general public for the FY 2019 Special Merit Awards.  These nominations are for full or part-time employees (including the Town’s several Student Interns) in the following categories:

Communications: Displays a commitment to assisting the public and transparency in government including, but not limited to, improving and/or devising new ways to communicate information within the organization and to the public at large.

Efficiency: Displays a commitment to ensuring we operate proficiently and efficiently by “stepping up” and “stepping in” to undertake nominal cross training in mission critical functions, exhibits a willingness to “float” as needed, and/or suggests ideas that result in ease of processing, and savings of time, material, storage requirements and the like.

Pinnacle of Excellence: Displays a willingness to make extraordinary efforts in the ongoing improvement of the organization, assisting other staff members or departments to complete new or ongoing assignments and often requires the person to “stretch” to learn new computer programs, methodologies or processes. (One award only this category.)

The one-time bonus of $250.00 and a Certificate of Recognition is presented to award winners at an annual employee luncheon.

By way of example, the FY ’18 awards went to Ms. Holly Young, Assistant to the Town Administrator for the Communications for the idea of putting the SelectBoard agenda package on-line for all to view, to Ms. Mallory Seamon, Administrative Assistant in the Office of Development Services for reorganizing work flow and tackling numerous projects allowing the Town to deal with outstanding issues, and Ms. Laure Wiita, Director of the Office of Development Services, for excellent work in implementing the consolidation of the support for the many land use boards.

Click here for the form. You may download it, type in the body of it and email directly.