Opening Ceremony & Planting of River's Edge Conservation Area


The River's Edge Conservation Area's Opening Ceremony this morning was a great success! Senator Gobi, Representative Zlotnik & Representative Whipps were in attendance and presented certificates to Select Board Chair Michael Currie. Other local officials present were members of the Select Board, Timothy Toth Vice Chair, and Terry Griffis Clerk, Community Preservation Commission Chair John Henshaw, and Conservation Chair George Andrews. Also present from Community Preservation Commission were Dennis Rich and Joanne Burdin. And Amanda Suzzi of Conservation Commission. Also present was the architect of the project Andrew Cannata. Town Administrator Adam Lamontagne ran the ceremony. The Buildings & Grounds department of the Town's DPW brought over plants and shovels and helped residents that came to plant some beautiful plants. A couple of younger residents helped and one of the young boys scooped the first ceremonial shovel of dirt and planted a plant with Terry Griffis.