Templeton's Swim Program & Other Sports Cancelled


I regret to inform Town residents that due to COVID-19, the Town Administrator has agreed and confirmed the decision of the Recreation Commission to cancel the Learn to Swim program for 2020.  This will be the first year in many years that Templeton will not have a Learn to Swim program. However, with concerns that staff and students would not be able to maintain a safe social distance and still keep water safety measures in place, the cancellation was inevitable.  

The Recreation Commission at its' last meeting has also voted to suspend all games, scrimmages, tournaments and organized contact sports (e.g basketball, football, softball, baseball,soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, hockey and other sports where ordinary play puts players in direct contact or close proximity) on all town fields until the state has achieved Phase 4 status of the Massachusetts Reopening plan.   At this time the Commission will meet to discuss the New Normal Guidelines set forth by the Governor.