Templeton Community Television

  • TCTV 8

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Hours of Operation

There are no regular office hours.

For information, email tctv@templetonma.gov, or Steve Castle .

You can send us a request for a slide to be placed in the on-air bulletin board either through the online form or via tctv@templetonma.gov.

  • A notice must be a total of 25 words or less.
  • Notices for events should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event date.
  • Lengthy notices will be edited.
  • TCTV reserves the right to edit all submissions.
  • Only notices from local government and non-profits are allowed.
  • Commercial ventures and for-profit notices will NOT be accepted.
  • Notices will ONLY be accepted via the online form or via email

Templeton Community TV (TCTV) is on cable Channel 8.

TCTV broadcasts a variety of programming focused primarily on Templeton.
Programming includes:

  • Select Board, School Committee and other meetings.
  • Town events.
  • Templeton and Narragansett Regional school events.
  • Informational programming for Templeton residents.
  • Programming sponsored or created by town residents.
  • Community Notices

TCTV broadcasts Community Notices for government and non-profit institutes. Your organization may place a notice by clicking here. TCTV reserves the right to edit or refuse any notice.




Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Steve Castle (978) 479-7847
Shawn Lampert