COVID 19 Recovery Micro Grant Program Comes to a Close


As of April 5, 2024, the Templeton Select Board Office is pleased to share that all COVID 19 Recovery Micro Grant Program funding has successfully been awarded to Templeton residents and community groups, officially bringing the program to a close.

Although the COVID 19 Recovery Micro Grant Program will no longer be accepting program applications due to the exhaustion of funds, those residents still seeking assistance related to the COVID 19 Pandemic are advised to visit the American Rescue Plan website at the following link for additional Federal aid: American Rescue Plan | The White House

We wish to thank each and every resident and community group who submitted an application and played a role in the success of this program. Your commitment to community well-being and future community engagement is greatly appreciated.

Any further inquiries on the COVID-19 Recovery Micro Grant Program may be directed to the Grants Administrator by emailing or calling 978-894-2768.