Sewer Commission

Approved Sewer Rates: FY-24 

Effective the 1st quarter billing cycle

  • Step 1 - $560.08 Minimum Annual Charge, billed quarterly@ $140.02 (Based up to 35,000 gallons) (quarterly 8,750 gallons). 8.5% increase from $516.20.
  • Step 2-  $10.10 per 1000 gallons for 35,001 to 60,000 gallons (quarterly@ 8,751-15,000 gallons). 8.5% increase from $9.31.
  • Step 3 - $12.63 per 1000 gallons for over 60, 000 gallons (quarterly over 15,001gallons). 8.5% increase from $11.64.
  • Rates for Sewer Only User - $730.77 yearly, billed quarterly@ $182.69 (increased 8.5%).

Meters are read April, July, October and January.

Sewer Department Fees                                                                                                                                                              
Service Fee

Sewer Inspection Fee


Sewer Tap Fee


Sewer Connection Fee


Wastewater Treatment Plant Hauler Rates: per 1000 Gallons



In-Town Septage


Out of Town Septage


In-town Bio-sludge


Holding Tank Waste


Town of Templeton, Board of Sewer Commissioners:

Mark Moschetti - Chairman, Thomas Jeleniewski - Member, Thomas Hurd - Member

Effective 1/26/2022
The New Mailing Dates for the Sewer Billing will be as follows:
Readings for September, October, November will be Mailed the end of JANUARY;
Readings for December, January, February will be Mailed the end of APRIL;
Readings for March, April, May will be Mailed the end of JULY;
Readings for June, July, August will be Mailed the end of OCTOBER.                                                                                                           

PLEASE NOTE: Sewer Bill Payments are now taken at the Town Hall-Treasurer/Collector's Office at 160 Patriots Road, Rm 2. on
Monday's from 7:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. and Tuesday-Thursday from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

After hour payments (checks only please, in an envelope) may be dropped in the box outside of Town Hall. Bills may also be paid online by going to the Town's home page and clicking on Pay Bills Online, then Sewer. 

The Templeton sewer department currently serves over 1,400 homes and businesses through the municipal sewer system. The wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) is permitted to treat up to an average of 600,000 gallons per day. Current flow to the plant is about 250,000 gallons per day. In addition, nearly 2,000,000 gallons of concentrated residential septic tank waste was treated during the last 12 months. The planning and implementing of infrastructure updates and improvements is an almost constant need to maintain departmental economy, efficiency and operations. A new custom built septage receiving automated fine screen unit was installed during November 2013. This new equipment will more thoroughly remove the solid components of the septage and eliminate the need for manual cleaning thereby improving the safety of the operators. The permit, which allows the plant to discharge treated effluent to the Otter River, is in some cases stricter than current drinking water standards. This high degree of purity is to protect the small organisms that form a protion of the base of the food chain in the river. This high degree of treatment is accomplished by a combination of physical, microbiological and chemical means. The solids which are removed from the wastewater are dewatered in a belt filter press and are then deposited in the sludge landfill. These solids must be covered with sand the same day they are deposited.

All operators at the WWTP are licensed through the State Department of Environmental Protection. To acquire the necessary license, operators must pass a 100 question test and have several years on the job experience.  In addition operators need to earn a minimum of 20 continuing education credits every 2 years to maintain their license. The WWTP is staffed 7 days per week and each of the 8 sewer pumping stations are also checked every day. There is an operator on call 24/7 to handle any emergency that might arise. The WWTP and all sewer pumping stations have their own standby power source, so in instances where electrical power is lost, the sewer department continues to function. Tours of the WWTP for small groups or individuals are available by calling the Superintendent at (978) 939-2743.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jeff Aldrich Sewer Department Superintendent 978-939-2563
Carol Osborne Administrative Assistant 978-939-2563

Board Members

Name Title
Mark Moschetti Chairman
Tom Jeleniewski Member
Tom Hurd Member