Templeton Cultural Council

Funding Priorities:

"Bang for the Buck": with limited funding, we feel it is important to reach as many residents in our town as possible. We hope to strike a balance between meeting this goal and exposing residents to multiple cultural elements.

  • Grant applications are due by October 15th

Local Guidelines:

At a meeting of the Templeton Cultural Council, the following were established by unanimous vote as our local guidelines:

  • Priority will be given to projects that are local and display up front planning including established venue, date and sponsorship (if applicable).
  • Applicants are encouraged to seek and include on application matching funds from other sources.
  • Day and Evening contact information is required. Evening contact information is critical as this is when we are able to follow up on questions related to applications.
  • Applicants submitting multiple applications MUST prioritize their applications.

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Board Members

Name Title
Patricia Gale Chair
Barbara White Treasurer
Carol Clark Member
Noah Castle Member
Carol (Janice) Caisse Member
Daniel Burns Member