Resource Definitions

Historic Resources

A building structure, vessel, real property, document or artifact that is listed or eligible for listing on the state register of historic places, or has been determined by the local historic preservation commission to be significant in the history, archeology, architecture or culture of a city or town.

Community Housing

Housing for individuals and households with low (below 80% of area median, as defined by U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development) and moderate (below 100% of area median, as defined by HUD) incomes, including housing for seniors.

Open Space

 Includes, but is not limited to, land to protect existing and future well fields, aquifers and recharge areas, watershed land, agricultural land, grasslands, fields, forest land, fresh and salt water marshes and other wetlands, ocean, river, stream, lake and pond frontage, beaches, dunes and other coastal lands lands to protect scenic vistas, land for wildlife or nature preserve, and and for recreational use.

Land for Recreational Use

For active or passive recreational use including, but not limited to, the use of land for community gardens, trails, and noncommercial youth and adult sports, and the use of land as a park, playground or athletic field. Shall not include horse or dog racing or the use of land for a stadium, gymnasium or similar structure

RESOURCE DEFINITIONS prepared by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, Division of Local Services, April 2007 Community Preservation Coalition workshop on community Preservation Fund, Budgeting and Finance Issues