The following fees are effective as of the Selectmen’s meeting, dated May 22, 2006.

Open Burning Permit, Residential$10.00
Open Burning Permit, Agricultural$10.00
Smoke Detector Only Inspection$25.00
Fire Sprinkler System Inspection$25.00
Tank Removal Permit$25.00
Tank Installation Permit$25.00
Blasting Permit$25.00
Oil Burner Installation Permit$25.00
Oil Burner and Tank Installation Permit$25.00
Unvented Gas Appliance Permit$25.00
Black Powder Permit$25.00
Fuel Storage Permit$25.00
Fuel Transport Tank Permit$25.00
Various other inspections and permits as may be deemed necessary by the Department of Fire Services from time to time.$25.00
Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Inspection$50.00 / single family
$100.00 / two family
$150.00 for any building or structure with six or fewer residential units
$500.00 for any building or structure with more than six units.